Odyssey Jail Manager Financials



Technology has significantly changed the way inmates can receive and spend money in the jail’s insulated economy. Odyssey Jail Manager’s Inmate Accounting and Finance is a GAAP-compliant banking system that allows an agency to administer inmate funds, handle collection of bonds (or equivalent) and transact other miscellaneous payments.

Inmate trust accounting and commissary is a single trust account that follows an inmate when physically transferred between institutions within a jurisdiction, eliminating the need to create new accounts with each transfer. A wide range of payments and fees can be prioritized, automatically calculated and deducted. Funds availability can be verified immediately.

A robust Commissary function equips agencies with the tools necessary to run an end-to-end commissary operation. Real-time inventory management triggers reorders, creates vendor purchase orders, manages shipments and invoices and records the inventory’s value. Real-time sales control ensures that an inmate is entitled to purchase an item and that there are available funds in the inmate’s account to complete the transaction. Funds are deducted from the inmate’s trust account immediately.

Jail Manager’s eDeposit feature automates the formerly time-consuming and error-fraught process of depositing money into an inmate’s trust account. Available online, at the offices of companies that specialize in electronic deposits and via kiosks, eDeposits frees up the man hours spent at the payment window and manually reconciling accounts. It also enables arrestees to self fund their trust account and perform a "Self-Release" by using a credit or debit card, reducing overnight stays, increasing facility revenues and easing overcrowding via our automated, guaranteed payment platform.

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