Odyssey Jail Manager Housing


Housing & Classification

Identifying appropriate housing for inmates based on real-time information is critical to the safety, security and efficiency of a jail operation. Odyssey Jail Manager allows you to easily determine applicable and available housing based on a myriad of inmate-specific factors, and provides a quick and effective means for assignment, or re-assignment of an inmate into a specific bed location.

  • Quickly view current counts, operational capacities and associated vacancies for each jail facility for a quick, global view of the status of all beds in a facility.
  • Easily define keep separates (or non-associations) at both the individual and group levels (e.g., gang or security threat group). Any movement activity, including assignment of an inmate into a cell, automatically initiates a system-wide messaging feature advising you that a security risk exists.
  • You get the full picture using the jail roster’s hierarchical display of all jail locations. You have the flexibility to view the jail and the jail count as a whole and then drill down to get additional count (current, capacities and vacancies) and inmate detail.
  • At a glance jail counts allows you to clearly identify open cells, inmates in transit and inmates currently located outside of their assigned bed location.
  • Online counts provide real-time, automated count capability — eliminating errors that come with manual counts and creating an audit trail including type, method and frequency of inmate counts.
  • Jail Manager’s classification function maximizes an agency’s flexibility in carrying out the assessment process, the results of which are used to designate and assign inmate security levels and assist in bed-load planning.

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