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Odyssey Jail Manager Intake & Release


Improved Intake & Release

No matter how large or small your facility, Odyssey Jail Manager allows you to automate your jail management processes to drive efficiencies that ensure the safety of your staff, inmates and visitors from intake to release and everything in between.

In addtion to up-to-the-minute inmate and case information, Jail Manager offers the following functionality:

  • The pre-book queue allows an agency to quickly and efficiently book a large group of inmates and then complete a formal intake process as time and staffing permits; an invaluable tool for bed-load planning and processing purposes.
  • Customized intake and release checklists and queues interface with Tyler’s Law Enforcement system for real-time sharing of arrest and booking data. They track compliance against mandated time frames for the completion of the intake process and on release proactively trigger pre-defined release events like: releasing inmate property, return of outstanding trust account funds and updating jail roster to name a few.
  • Maintain a complete, auditable inventory of each inmate’s property while incarcerated. Jail Manager tracks items by date, type, description and locations. Locations are defined and adjusted using a system set-up feature.
  • Jail Manager marries best-in-breed technology with tried and true visual identification with the Imaging feature. Image types are agency-defined based on specific requirements and can include facial images and images of scars, marks and tattoos that can be printed on documents and reports as needed. Each relevant screen in Jail Manager features an image icon to let users know that there is an image on file.
  • From initial health screening to subsequent encounters, the medical feature details, records and tracks medication administration, chronic care and outside referrals. When necessary, it can be augmented through third-party electronic inmate health records systems.
  • Release Notification functionality ensures mandated notifications to victims, witnesses and agencies are tracked and completed.
  • Jail Manager’s Status Monitor provides a visual indication of where an inmate is in a specific process using color and symbol cues to identify statuses that need to be addressed, as well as tracking the timeframes for these processes.

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