Odyssey Jail Manager Reporting


Reporting & Interfaces

Odyssey Jail Manager offers a comprehensive collection of standard reports to support all jail management functions — commissary inventory, billing, court hearings, inmate tracking, bond activity, medical invoices, incidents, visitations, average daily jail counts and more.

Reporting capabilities are extremely flexible, allowing for easy modifications to report parameters, online previews, scheduled processing and automatic emailing to one or more parties.

Integrated Enterprise Custom Reporting (ECR)

You can use ECR to create custom reports (using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services) without the added expense or time requirements of an external report writer. You can save and publish these reports (as .CSV or .PDF) for future use. Standard or customized reports, as well as other documents, can also be converted to a tiff-image file.

Jail Data Export

The Jail Data Export tool standardizes the process for exporting inmate-related data and allows you to define an export file to be used to transfer inmate data to a third-party application.

Integration Toolkit

The Integration Toolkit provides a standards-based integration platform for exchanging XML-formatted data between Odyssey and other applications, agencies, and vendors. It also provides inbound updates via a collection of API messages, and outbound message publishing triggered by application business events. The integration toolkit gives you flexiblity to meet your unique business needs.

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