Odyssey Jury

Odyssey Jury — Efficiency for Courts, Convenience for Jurors

Simplifying the jury management process and making jury duty more convenient for constituents

For most citizens, jury duty is the most visible part of the court system, and often the most dreaded. Courts with a smooth and efficient jury process demonstrate to the public that their tax dollars are well spent and that the courts respect their time and participation. Tyler’s Odyssey Jury empowers your jurisdiction to do just that.

Odyssey Jury efficiently organizes, manages and simplifies the entire jury selection process. It supports statewide or county implementations, from the loading of the jury wheel or master list, to managing the pooling process and panels sent to the courtroom for trial, as well as compensating jurors.

Empaneling Juries Online

Jurors who do not need to be rescheduled or excused and are ready for jury duty can avoid the central jury room. Using online empanelment, Odyssey Jury automatically assigns jurors to courtroom panels via instant email notification with reporting location information — saving jurors’ time, decreasing court costs and reducing the need for a second day of attendance. 

Online empanelment moves the check-in process to smaller groups distributed throughout the courthouse rather than creating long lines of citizens waiting to be checked in for service in a central jury room. Courts receive their jury panel information faster, everyone’s time is used more wisely and the juror experience is enhanced by reducing the number of days spent at the courthouse.

Integrating with Case Management

Odyssey Jury is completely integrated with the Odyssey court case management system. This allows courts to automate the process of requesting a jury and provides the jury clerk visibility to the court’s needs much earlier in the process. This integration automates processes, eliminates duplicate data entry, reduces errors and increases court efficiency. 

Jury Integration with Case Manager

Integration leverages Odyssey’s ability to efficiently organize tasks into queues, which allows clerks to effectively manage tasks, such as empanelment, deferrals, payments and more. Odyssey also integrates with third-party applications for summons printing, CASS certification and juror payments.

Simplifying Juror Responses Online
and On Paper

Jury clerks can use Odyssey Jury to increase juror yield by improving the juror experience. We all use the Internet every day to pay bills, bank, shop, register for conferences or classes and much more. Respond to jury summons onlineWith Odyssey Jury you can provide your constituents with an online option for responding to a jury summons using an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which increases juror yield and response rate.

For response cards, you can rely on the flexible, integrated and secure document management features that store jury response data, panel packets and jury questionnaires. The product enables jury clerks to batch image scan stacks of response cards and automatically attach them to the juror, the pool or the panel via a barcode.