Odyssey Integrated Justice

Odyssey Integrated Justice

Odyssey Integrated Courts & Justice Solution

Streamline mission-critical data and processes.

Courts, jails, law enforcement offices and other related agencies increasingly need to access and share critical information at key decision points throughout the justice process. Unfortunately, however, many of the technology these agencies use can actually impede this collaboration rather than facilitate it.

Tyler's Odyssey product suite, however, gives you end-to-end access to all your critical information — ultimately enabling you to serve your constituents more effectively and efficiently. This comprehensive solution is available in several ways: on-site customized to your environment’s unique needs or online via a web-based interface best suited for smaller, less complex environments.

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Ken Miles
Vice President, Operations,
Courts & Justice Solutions

I bring my public sector experience
and perspective as well as the client’s perspective to our folks, affecting change at the initial discussion of features within our products. Because of my background, I can help explain and show our staff what a client is really going through and give them a glimpse into what it takes to do their job.

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Efficiency Meets Security

Designed specifically for justice agencies, the Odyssey product suite provides seamless integration between courts, prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement, probation and corrections. And with its easy-to-use advanced functionality, you’ll notice improved results from day one.

With our deep domain expertise and insight into your needs, Tyler built Odyssey from the ground up, providing a total, comprehensive collection of software solutions that can be used in whatever combination you require — each integrating fluidly with one another.Odyssey Integrated Justice WheelOdyssey Integrated Justice Wheel

Odyssey's integrated courts and justice solution creates a chain of efficiencies. Information and workflow streams smoothly from one justice agency to the next — without individual users having to leave their personal dashboard — all while maintaining protective layers of security around sensitive data. Best of all, you use and pay only for the functionality you need for improved cost- and time-efficiency.

Odyssey's integrated justice solutions seamlessly work together so that your organization always has:

  • Thorough, up-to-date information.
  • Real-time access to the right data.
  • Highly configurable security and other settings.

2017 Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Established to highlight the innovative and efficient use of our products, as well as to share successes with their peers, winners are recognized at our annual conferences.

2017 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award Winners

  • Rhode Island Judiciary
  • Superior Court of California, County of Fresno
  • Glynn County Juvenile Court, Georgia
  • Grayson County, Texas

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From Dispatch Through Disposition

Tyler Alliance leads the way with integrated criminal justice and public safety solutions.

What Clients Say

Collin County, Texas finds integrating courts, jails, district attorney and law enforcement into one system drives efficiency and improves service levels.

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