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The Collin County, Texas Sheriff and his staff discuss how they share data with the courthouse, eliminate duplicate data entry, easily create jail packets, streamline the intake process and protect secure information.

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Bob Kolysher
Sr. Implementation
Courts & Justice Solutions

“Having worked in the field of corrections for a considerable period of time, I have an understanding of how a well designed, properly developed and efficiently implemented software system can assist end users in meeting their needs."

Odyssey Jail Manager — The Power of Total Integration

While Odyssey Jail Manager delivers a rich array of features to simplify your day-to-day tasks, its real power comes from its seamless integration with all Odyssey applications, allowing you to eliminate redundant data entry and the potential for human error, while organizing information specifically for jail management functional needs.

Tyler's Odyssey product suite provides you with end-to-end access to all your critical information — ultimately enabling you to serve your constituents more effectively and efficiently.

Odyssey delivers seamless integration between Jail Manager, Attorney Manager, Case Manager, Supervision and Law Enforcement via four main integration points:

Court Hearings

Jail Manager allows you to view court hearings from the inmate record. The ability to easily access scheduled hearings by inmate means you always have up to date information without having to switch systems, make a phone call, or wait on anyone else in order to respond to questions or determine an inmate's schedule.

With integrated court hearings information, you can prepare an inmate roster of those that need to go to court on any given date at any time you want, making scheduling inmate transportation and related logistics more efficient.

Courts can use integrated hearing information to set the docket based on who is in jail, allowing the court to manage their docket more efficiently by prioritizing the docket to schedule those in custody together.

Charge Updates

In Odyssey, Jail Manager is automatically updated when there is a change to a charge — if a prosecutor amends a charge or a case is dismissed or there is a conviction, the data is transmitted real-time so you can take the appropriate action. Charge integration enhances security and reduces costs.

Inmate Information (Party Information)

Odyssey's integrated inmate or party information reduces the need for you to respond to requests for information about inmates including status, custody location and demographics. This means less time on the phone and faxing with the court and other agencies.

Additionally, easy access to inmate biometric and demographic information (mug shots, fingerprints, tattoos) means the court has all the information they need to definitively identify defendants in court. Inmate information and biometrics remains secure because the jail determines what to share (demographics) and what is protected/restricted (medical, visitation).


Odyssey provides automatic notification of active local warrants. In Jail Manager this occurs during booking and release — saving time and reducing the chance that open warrants are overlooked. Additionally, jail visitors are automatically entered into an open warrant search based on their license numbers.

Odyssey's native integration offers automatic warrant searches based on inmate and visitor information and provides notification when open warrants are found.