Public Access

Odyssey Public Access

Odyssey Public Access — Easy Access
to Judicial Information

Provide anytime, anywhere access judicial information.

Give your community and your constituents the power to connect. With Odyssey Public Access, you can provide the public access to essential courts and justice information via the Internet from anywhere and at anytime. That means you can cut costs and increase your staff’s efficiency by re-allocating their efforts to higher priority tasks, all with one simple yet state-of-the-art application.

Empower the Public with Enhanced Service
By providing your community with a way to easily access public information online, you increase public awareness and encourage your citizens to empower themselves. With Odyssey Public Access’ publicly viewable searchable database, you control what court and law enforcement content the public can query and view. This could include registers of action, calendars, judgments and orders, mug shots and notices prepared by the court.

Provide Local Officials and Lawyers with Improved Flexibility
Using protected user accounts, registered officials can access crucial court case data 24/7 from anywhere. They can get precisely the information they need in minutes, without unnecessary trips to the courthouse or justice agency. Odyssey Public Access also provides a court calendar search so that attorneys can find when cases are set on the calendar.

Enhanced functionality for attorneys also includes the ability to create an individualized “MyCases” dashboard, which provides quick access to specific cases without ever having to search. Plus, attorneys of record are able to view documents related to a specific case.

Access Information in a Click
Odyssey Public Access is easily accessible to all types of users. Through a user-friendly interface, the public can access their pertinent information with the click of a mouse. The system can be configured with open access to limited files (mostly for the needs of the public), or with limited access to very specific, varied files (in the case of attorneys and justice partner agencies).