Save with Odyssey

Save with Odyssey

Lower Costs, Increase Efficiencies with Odyssey Integrated Justice

Use the savings calculators on this page to get an idea of how you can benefit from Odyssey.

Integrated Justice Efficiencies with Odyssey

Odyssey helps our clients save time and money in two ways. By automating manual processes, Odyssey allows you to optimize your staff resources. Odyssey also enables data sharing between justice agencies saving time and other efficiencies for clerks, judges, jailers, attorneys and others eliminating redundancies, minimizing errors and helping you to be more responsive to your citizens.

The savings calculator below includes processes current Odyssey clients have found are improved with an integrated system. Some of these may be problem areas for you, while others may not apply.

Savings by Moving to a SaaS Model

When you implement Odyssey in a hosted environment — using the SaaS model — you eliminate significant hardware costs, reduce the burden on your IT staff, and allow IT to focus on other projects, while Tyler takes on the burden of managing the hardware and software. With Odyssey Online there is no software license to purchase; the only cost is annual per user fees.

The estimates below are based on typical IT infrastructure cost savings as well as staff time to manage the associated hardware/software for a small to mid-sized county.

Enter the numbers and amounts that best represent your unique situation.