Tyler, the leader in public sector software, together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today, sets the standard of public sector software in the cloud.

Cloud technology solutions enable all levels of government to be more connected, secure, flexible, scalable, and efficient. Tyler supports our clients’ cloud journeys. In the cloud, governments become equipped to deliver future technologies that will strengthen Tyler’s Connected Communities vision.

  • Tyler’s managed applications reduce the burden on client IT staff

  • Costs are predictable for the term of the subscription

  • Expenditures are lower overall compared to on-premises deployments

  • Increased remote access capabilities enable secure and flexible work arrangements from any internet connection, anywhere, anytime

  • Solutions run on AWS, built to guard against outages and incidents

  • Connectivity to applications is secured through market-leading authentication platforms

  • Client data is backed up and retained using federally compliant standards

  • Tyler’s employees, skilled in the latest cloud technologies, provide 24/7 monitoring for infrastructure, performance, and security

Enterprise-Class Deployment

Tyler deploys, configures, maintains, and updates the software.

  • Remote access capabilities across applications are available to meet the needs of a hybrid or remote workforce.
  • Flexible solutions can be scaled up or down to meet an organization’s evolving business needs.
  • Security risks are minimized by controlling user access.

Do More With Less

Because of operational efficiencies, Tyler’s cloud solutions allow public sector agencies to accomplish greater goals.

  • Increased system availability
  • Improved response time
  • Data reliability without the maintenance

More Services Delivered More Efficiently to More Residents

More than 10,500 Tyler clients leverage our cloud-based solutions. And more than 6.4 million users rely on Tyler’s e-service solutions to make payments, file court documents, submit permits, and interact with government.

  • Speed up processes
  • Better serve your community
  • Eliminate duplicative efforts

Tyler and AWS

Tyler's collaboration with AWS helps to deliver better experiences for residents and further enables the public sector to use data as a strategic asset in the design, management, and delivery of programs. Adoption of key AWS services lays the groundwork for future cloud services in response to government and public sector needs. Tyler and AWS deliver efficient applications for governments and provide the benefits of the world's most broadly adopted public cloud to Tyler clients.

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