Inspector General Investigation Case Management Software

An inspector general (IG) needs a robust investigation case management system to examine the internal operations of government agencies, military organizations, military contractors, or civil groups. An IG investigation can focus on employee misconduct or unethical behavior; fraud, waste, and abuse; gross mismanagement; procurement or contract fraud; misuse of government property or equipment; or violations of laws and regulations.

  • Supports a broad spectrum of IG investigative processes

  • Meets explicit agency, regulatory, and business requirements

  • Administers case intake, decision to investigate, referral to another authority, and closure

Manage Multiple Layers of the Process

Audit compliance is a complex undertaking, and the Audit Finding Managmeent solution administers every step. It allows organizations to:

  • Manage audit findings and associated compliance recommendations or orders
  • Establish and manage a specific and realistic timetable for compliance
  • Oversee progress on each compliance action
  • Automate workflow and unite disjointed information
  • Provide visibility into an entire audit finding program via a secure, web-based interface

Designed with Internal and External Users in Mind

The FOIA solution simplifies every step of a FOIA request, for both the requesting party and the knowledge worker responding to the request. For the public, the system features a user-friendly, web-based portal that makes it easy to submit requests. Your agency can create templates for automatically-generated response letters to acknowledge the request, and to keep the requesting citizen apprised of the status as you move through the process. At the same time the system allows your agency’s FOIA officers to manage FOIA requests easily:

  • Track and assign incoming requests
  • Manage request processing times
  • Manage adjudications
  • Deliver requested documentation
  • Identify what information has already been delivered
  • Receive and process appeals
  • Reduce the cost of processing requests
  • Provide visibility across the agency’s entire FOIA program
  • Streamline reporting

FOIA Requests Simplified

The comprehensive functionality streamlines the receipt and the fulfillment of ROIA requests and makes it easier to compile the necessary reports.

  • Public portal for citizens to submit requests
  • Full lifecycle tracking and administration of requests
  • Digital interface with to receive requests
  • Supports generation of DOJ Annual FOIA Report
  • Optional Document Management module allows users to store, retrieve, preview, redact, annotate, and share documents.

Granular Oversight and Control

Whether it is a financial audit, attestation engagement, or performance audit, the IGA solution assists auditors as they evaluate detailed case related criteria such as laws, regulations, contract terms, grant agreements, accounting conventions, and various benchmarks—enabling agencies to successfully manage IGA programs. By using Tyler’s Inspector General Audit software, clients can:

  • Accurately capture and collaborate on case-related information
  • Better adhere to government auditing standards
  • Automate workflow and unite disjointed information
  • Provide visibility into an entire IGA program via a secure, web-based interface

Specifically Tailored to IGA Needs

The Inspector General Audit solution comes pre-configured to support common IGA processes including preliminary planning, pre-survey, survey, data collection and analysis, reporting, and post-audit evaluation. It also provides numerous summary reports that users can create at the individual, office, district, and enterprise level, with the ability to easily configure additional reports as required.

  • Index of Working Papers
  • List of Audit Team Members and Objective Attributes Recap Sheets (OARS)
  • Assigned
  • Master Index to Audit Folders
  • OARS Cross Reference Report
  • Working Paper Cross Reference Report
  • Master Index of OARS
  • Master Index of Completed OARS
  • Adverse Conditions OARS Report
  • Agency IG Audit Draft Report Submission and Review History Report
  • IG Audit Team OARS Completion Times

Centralized Investigation Case Management

Many IG offices investigate and handle cases at the local level while a central headquarters remains responsible for oversight of multiple offices. Without a standard centralized case management system, this process can be cumbersome. The Tyler Inspector General Investigations solution provides an established case management tracking platform that can be configured to meet specific requirements. It includes a wide range of summary reports and can be easily configured to provide the specific reports you need. Reports include:

  • List cases opened/re-opened/closed
  • Identify individual office/district/region IG cases
  • Track individual IG cases at each stage
  • List allegations
  • Identify cases assigned to special agents
  • Determine case "qui tam" status
  • Summarize determinations, referrals, and recommended remedies
  • Semi-annual data calls
  • Ad hoc reports

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