State Regulatory Inspections
Safeguarding the health and welfare of the community

Managing the Regulatory Inspection Process

State regulators are tasked with safeguarding the well-being of their communities. To do this, they must conduct inspections to make sure licensed businesses and licensees are following state laws and industry regulations. Tyler’s State Regulatory Inspections software supports the back-office portions of the inspection process. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or it can be implemented as part of a full State Regulatory Platform Suite deployment. The Inspections application allows regulators to:

  • Schedule inspections for different dates, types, and inspectors

  • Configure workflows that support the specific inspection process

  • Capture inspection notes and associate them with the inspection case and with any identified deficiencies

  • Initiate or complete the license or permit application process based on the inspection findings

Configurable Inspection Workflows

The State Regulatory Inspections application is ready to support most inspection processes out of the box, but it is fully configurable so you can tailor workflows to your agency’s specific business processes. For example, you can define and add correction plans which you can associate with different violation types in the system. When that violation is identified, it prompts the predefined correction activities, such as fines or license suspensions.

Dynamic Forms and Checklists

Easily configure dynamic forms designed specifically for your inspection process. Forms and checklists can include buttons, checkboxes, or free text comment boxes that map to regulation sets without any programming needed. Configurable conditional logic lets the forms adapt to the information provided for a more streamlined experience.

Mobile Support for Regulatory Inspections

Mobile-first design ensures inspectors have what they need in the field. Inspectors can access interactive forms on their mobile devices which map deficiencies to violation codes and regulation standards. They can also document evidence, view results, and capture signatures in the field.

Add Inspections to Your Full Suite Deployment

While the State Regulatory Inspections software is a powerful individual application, Tyler’s State Regulatory Platform Suite provides integrated functionality for every stage of the regulatory process. The full suite is configurable and composable, so you can have the exact features you need. In addition to the State Regulatory Inspections application, the full suite includes:

  • State Regulatory Licensing
  • State Regulatory Enforcement
  • Modules supporting document management, portal access, mobile inspections, analytics, CTE credits, and future integrations.

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