Licensing Software for State Regulators

Licensing Software to Both Protect the Public and Keep Business Moving

Tyler’s State Regulatory Licensing application allows regulatory agencies to oversee banking as well as professional and occupational licenses to protect public health and well-being. Regulators can manage how nurses, doctors, plumbers, electricians, cosmetologists, and individuals in scores of other licensed professions acquire and renew their licenses. State Regulatory Licensing clients, ranging from large umbrella state agencies to small boards that support one license type, effectively manage the licensing process to better serve their communities.

  • Manage all license types

  • Streamline the license approval process

  • Store and track licensee data

  • Communicate with applicants and licensees

  • Collect licensure fees

  • Generate reports

Streamline Key Licensing Processes

Tyler’s State Regulatory Licensing application automates and streamlines processes for regulators and applicants. The application:

  • Communicates requirements and deadlines
  • Accepts application and renewal forms (through the Regulatory Access module)
  • Simplifies the license approval process
  • Issues licenses and collects fees
  • Communicates denials and appeals information
  • Reconciles collected fees to the number of licenses issued
  • Stores records and creates reports

Configurable for Your Exact Licensing Needs

The State Licensing application is fully configurable. When new legislation or regulatory requirements are enacted, your users can add license types, rules, and processes without needing a programmer’s help. You can also use business rules to configure workflows based on the requirements for each type of license and each stage of the licensing process — so you get the information and documentation you need at the right time.

Manage Licensing Fees

State Regulatory Licensing manages fees for each license type. You can set up fee codes for initial license application, renewals, and late fees. Fees can be set up in advance and can be pro-rated. You can even set up multiple fee codes for individual components of a license.

Stand-Alone Licensing or Part of a Full State Regulatory Platform Deployment

The State Regulatory Licensing application can be purchased separately and integrated with existing systems, but it is most powerful when deployed as part of Tyler’s State Regulatory Platform suite. Designed with composable architecture, the full suite allows you to deploy exactly what you need without having to pay for or maintain anything you don’t. In addition to the State Regulatory Licensing application, the full suite includes:

  • State Regulatory Enforcement
  • State Regulatory Inspections
  • Modules supporting document management, portal access, mobile inspections, analytics, CTE credits, and future integrations.
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