Enforcement Software Application for State Regulators

Oversee, Monitor, and Track Regulatory Enforcement Activities

State regulatory agencies, boards, and commissions are tasked with identifying issues, tracking complaints, and taking action when workers in regulated industries do not meet established requirements. Tyler’s State Regulatory Enforcement application helps to standardize and automate these tasks to support an efficient, fair, and systematic approach to ensuring compliance.

  • Streamline complaint filing

  • Track violations and trigger disciplinary actions

  • Communicate with licensees regarding complaints, enforcement, and appeals

  • Maintain records of enforcement activities

Supporting the State Enforcement Workflow

The Enforcement application streamlines every stage of the enforcement process.

  • Case creation when a complaint is filed or non-compliance is identified
  • Evidence gathering and evaluation
  • Informal review of evidence as well as formal hearings
  • Disciplinary actions such as license suspensions or fines

User Roles for Every Stakeholder

Pre-configured user roles make the Enforcement application ready to use for a variety of stakeholders.

  • Processor
  • Project investigator
  • Case processor
  • Case reviewer
  • Scheduler Manager/supervisor
  • Compliance officer
  • Legal (attorney assigned to the case)

Enforcement Workflows for Any Type of Regulatory Body

Tyler Technologies currently works with state regulatory agencies ranging from large umbrella state agencies that support licensing, enforcement, and inspections for hundreds of license types to smaller offices and boards that support one license type, such as architects or pharmacists. Fully configurable and scalable, the application can be tailored to your organization’s exact requirements.

Enforcement as Part of a State Regulatory Platform Deployment

The State Regulatory Enforcement is powerful when deployed as part of Tyler’s State Regulatory Platform suite. Designed with composable architecture, the full suite allows you to deploy exactly what you need without having to pay for or maintain anything you don’t. In addition to the State Regulatory Enforcement application, the full suite includes:

  • State Regulatory Licensing
  • State Regulatory Inspections
  • Modules supporting document management, portal access, mobile inspections, analytics, CTE credits, and future integrations.
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