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Tyler Technologies is seeking an experienced Implementation Manager to lead a Professional Services team within the Local Government Division. This position represents an exciting opportunity to be a leader for a critical team at Tyler. This position reports to the VP of Professional Services and has full P&L responsibility with up to 15 direct reports. We are looking for a high caliber individual that can lead, build and manage an implementation team delivering solutions to solve the complex problems faced by our customers. The selected candidate will be responsible for formulating, communicating and implementing an overall strategy for the implementation team that will result in division-wide revenue growth and accelerates product adoption.


  • A leadership style that gains respect, confidence and establishes teamwork.
  • Quiet confidence, humble competitor, constructive role model.
  • Willing to delegate and allow others to do their job and utilize their talents.
  • Create and promote excellent cross-organizational communication to achieve divisional/company and personal goals.
  • Confident enough to speak his/her mind with the ability/skill to not come across abrasive or confrontational.
  • Will hold the line on spending/budgets without choking the company growth.
  • Articulate with great writing skills.
  • Engaging personality with unquestionable integrity, credibility, and character.
  • Excellent communication (verbal/written) and people skills.
  • Cooperative, respectful and collaborative.
  • Time-sensitive has a sense of urgency.
  • Attention to detail and strong analytical skills but doesn’t get stuck there.
  • Good business acumen.
  • Driven, motivated, hard worker.
  • Decisive, data driven.

Work with our solutions that enable new businesses to safely build, open their doors, and stay in compliance. Our solutions facilitate community development, business management regulation, and code compliance while supporting fire prevention and structural safety.


Duluth, Georgia


Principal Duties

  • Manage the full implementation cycle for the EnerGov product suite.
  • Fully responsible and accountable for the successful implementation of the EnerGov product suite.
  • Manage dedicated implementation consultants for the EnerGov product suite.
  • Adhere to the standardized implementation strategy for all clients.
  • Oversee the contract execution and scope of all assigned projects/implementations.
  • Work closely with other implementation, deployment and conversion managers to ensure successful implementation of all Tyler applications.
  • Conduct a monthly community development meeting for all team members to facilitate communication, interaction, and community.
  • Within the confines of good morals, great ethics and unparalleled honesty, whatever is required to move Tyler forward and make us more profitable.

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Quickly assimilate into the implementation team and company. Earn the trust and respect of the VP of Professional Services and peers, earning the right to advise, influence, disagree, or challenge
  • Quickly understand and align with divisional revenue goals and objectives
  • Increase and measure revenue growth, profitability, margin, and customer satisfaction
  • Transform the implementation team to a proactive based culture enabling the team to deploy more complex solutions, more applications, more industry notoriety, more efficiently with a high degree of customer communication and interaction.
  • Provide thought leadership regarding trends, technologies and the needs of customers to the VP and GM.
  • Develop a vision for improving the implementations for the specific product suite.
  • Develop mentoring strategy to grow new staff into experienced consultants.
  • Recruit, lead, build, cultivate and manage a best-in-class implementation team.

Customer Satisfaction Responsibilities:

  • Improve customer satisfaction so that implementations can eventually be highlighted (featured) in the sales process with customers.
  • Prepare the implementation team to handle larger more complex customer deployments in addition to maximizing efficiency for the low end less complex deployments.
  • ·         Regularly evaluate internal and external customer satisfaction then create strategies to continually upgrade the quality of service and implementations. Embrace change / stay in constant transformation.

  • Resolve all customer implementation frustrations by training the entire implementation team on effective communication, problem resolution, setting proper expectations and follow through on resolution.

Service Creation Responsibilities:

  • Create and deliver quality implementation services.

  • Evaluate, revamp, create and enhance/grow the service offerings & roadmap (i.e. e-learning, web training, video training).

  • Collaborate with sales to adopt/offer more/different service offerings.

  • Continually adapt to new products.

  • Provide input on potential new products, functions, and markets based on the customer experience.

  • Drive a strategy that enables Sales to sell more to new and existing customers.

Financial Responsibilities:

  • Manage the P&L to meet revenue, expense and margin objectives/targets.

  • Ensure accurate budgeting, forecasting, and planning according to the vision/strategy/objectives.

  • Measure efficiency across entire team operations, execution, delivery, customer contracts, planning, budgeting/forecasting, revenue tracking, and project management.

  • Assist the sales and development teams (when needed and appropriate) in key contract negotiations.

  • Responsible for add-on sales quota for additional products and/or services.

  • Develop a plan to track profitability by project.

Administration Responsibilities:

  • Conduct performance management evaluations of staff in accordance with the Divisional Performance Factors (performance evaluations, discipline, hiring/firing, compensation) and timelines
  • Develop and adhere to a successful training and assessment program of all managed employees.
  • Evaluate/enhance/update and enforce all policies/procedures to identify inefficiencies and potential threats/problems.


  • 3-5 years of implementation management experience within a software company or division.
  • A minimum of a B.S. or B.A. degree or equivalent experience is required.

  • Has previously inherited a team and been the transformation agent who restructured, rebuilt, grew the team, created a new vision/strategy then implemented it.

  • Has worked for a software company with similar complexities associated with licensing agreements, sales model.

  • Previously demonstrated/proven track record in:

                  o   Increasing revenue, profitability, and margin and streamlining efficiency in every area of the operation.

                  o   Ability to sell professional service capabilities, track record, strength and vision to customers, internal teams, and partners.

  • Proactive & creative problem-solving skills and ability to evaluate options, analyze complex problems, present possible solutions in a simple, easily understood manner.
  • Implement best practices and continuous process improvement via establishing/measuring key performance indicators and tracking mechanisms.
  • The ability and willingness to make tough calls and, if necessary, take tough actions to further the business.
  • Action-oriented and willing/able to function in a continually transforming environment.
  • Clear thinker, with a structured approach to identifying and solving problems.
  • Technically sound, willing and able to dive deep into the details if necessary.
  • Understands and values the use of technology for optimal effectiveness.
  • EnerGov experience is required.

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Requisition Number:73070378

Tyler Technologies is proud to be an affirmative action / equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, creed, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected under local, state or federal laws. If you require reasonable accommodation for any part of the application or hiring process due to a disability, please submit your request by emailing or by calling 800.646.2633 ext. 791008. Please keep in mind these methods are reserved for individuals who require accommodation due to a disability.
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