Online Court Hearings for Secure Access to Justice

The COVID-19 pandemic made having an option for online hearings a necessity for courts. Conducting a productive hearing, however, is about more than just a video stream, it’s about providing access to justice to everyone regardless of circumstance. Knowing most defendants want to resolve court business but are sometimes prevented from doing so – ranging from a lack of childcare and the inability to miss work, to the simple fact that they do not live in the same city as the court – Virtual Court was intentionally designed to empower those defendants with a flexible option to take care of a citation in a timely manner. Virtual Court is integrated with Tyler’s case management systems, providing a seamless workflow and reducing data entry redundancies.

In addition to benefiting defendants, Virtual Court can also help your court:

  • Reduce failure-to-appear rates

  • Increase compliance

  • Shorten the lines in the lobby

  • Create a referenceable record of court proceedings

  • Free up staff to focus on other duties

More Than Just a Video Chat

Virtual Court provides a turnkey platform for conducting face-to-face court sessions online and directly connects to the case management system to reduce redundancy and increase compliance.

CMS Integration for Ease of Use

Virtual Court is integrated with your case management system to ensure seamless use. Each proceeding is supported by real-time case information and document-sharing, allowing you to finish what you start online and full disposition of a case in one sitting. Defendants can easily update contact information. The platform is cloud-based to ensure security. There is no additional software to install – Virtual Court can be easily accessed from any internet browser.

Easy-to-Use, Secure Video Capabilities

Virtual Court allows defendants to attend a hearing from anywhere using secure video chat. The defendant receives an automated email from the court with a unique link to the virtual hearing once it is scheduled. If the defendant needs a parent, legal guardian, and/or defense attorney present at the hearing, court staff can send a link to the additional parties on the case.

Once each party logs in, they will attend the hearing using the camera and microphone on an internet-enabled device. Virtual Court uses a mobile website, so there’s no app to download. Also, measures to ensure stable audio and video quality are already included. Defendants, and/or their case parties, can easily upload relevant case documents, including photos and videos. While in session, court staff can move case parties together to virtual rooms to meet with different court members (i.e., prosecutor, probation officer, or an online payments checkout clerk).

Increased Compliance With Online Payments

In addition to increasing appearance rates by offering a web-based option, defendants can instantly resolve fines or set up a payment plan. After the hearing concludes, Virtual Court sends an automated summary to the defendant with a link to take immediate action – similar to seeing the clerk after an in-person hearing, but without waiting in line.

  • Accept full and partial online payments
  • Give defendants the option to request programs online
  • Allow defendants to upload relevant case documents

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