Best Justice Stories of 2022

December 20, 2022 by Peter Friesen

Best Justice Stories of 2022

How have first responders and public servants working in courts, police departments, and emergency response answered the public’s call for increased transparency, effectiveness, and equality? They have been adaptable, resilient, and found ways to do more with less. This requires leaning on engaged and dedicated personnel, as well as adopting technology solutions that offer greater efficiency. Read on for the best Courts & Justice and Public Safety stories from 2022.

Courts & Justice

  • Courts Go Cloud First to put Customers First: This blog examines two courts — in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Okaloosa County, Florida — that took their case management systems to the cloud in order to ease the work burden on staff. Both governments realized that, in order to best serve their constituents, their staff had to have the tools to build an effective, efficient workplace. Cloud services brought them to that level.
  • Five Solutions to Improve Supervision Outcomes: Officers and court staff who deal with supervision cases (such as probation, pretrial, or parole) have seen their workload rise in recent years. As caseloads increase, modern technology solutions can simplify processes for courts, officers, and those under supervision. Automated reminders and check-ins, electronic monitoring, and mobile apps with easy-to-access client portals all support better outcomes like reduced recidivism and lowering the amount of people awaiting trial.
  • Not Your Mother’s Traffic Court: Virtual court technology simplifies, and nearly eliminates, common complaints associated with routine court visits. This tech saw broad adoption during the pandemic, and courthouses across the country are finding video hearings and other virtual court options to be indispensable to their constituents and staff alike. Read this blog to see how traffic court headaches disappear with modern technology.
  • How 3 Local Governments are Increasing Access to Justice: This blog, published as part of Tyler Technologies' partnership with government news leader GovLoop, shows how three courts across the country adopted tech solutions in order to solve issues of accessibility and equality in their jurisdictions.

Public Safety

  • Two Key Future Law Enforcement Themes: This article examines how data-driven and mobile technologies will impact law enforcement agencies of any size. These solutions modernize report filing and emergency response to help law enforcement better serve their communities.
  • Inspection Process Streamlined With Tech: In Clinton Township, a community in the Detroit metro area, fire inspections stacked up for over 2,500 buildings. Just three employees were responsible for these inspections, and the paper-based, manual system in use was time-consuming and inconsistent. Switching to a digital, mobile tool helped significantly decrease the time spent on inspections, allowing the agency to complete 30% more high life hazard risk inspections per year over the previous system.
  • Dispatchers Keep Answering Calls During Hurricane: This story, along with the blog below, highlights an agency that effectively used tech to ensure safety for first responders and the public during a weather emergency. When the roof of the dispatch center was torn off during Hurricane Laura, the emergency dispatch solution in Lake Charles, Louisiana, was back online in just 15 minutes, allowing call takers to continue answering the phones and dispatchers to send units out with minimal disruption.
  • Navigating Winter Storms With Tech: Read how Calvert County, Maryland, used a mapping tool to help emergency responders quickly respond to the most important calls during a chaotic winter storm.

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