A Cloud-Based Approach to Public Safety

This white paper explores how public safety leaders can leverage the cloud’s potential to modernize technology.

By comparing outdated methods with future innovation, ‘Connecting the Dots: A comprehensive cloud-based approach for modernizing public safety technology’ examines how a cloud-based approach to public safety is the catalyst to modernize current public safety operations.

This 8-page white paper includes the following:

  • Overview of public safety technology past and present
  • Use case for cloud-based public safety featuring Annapolis Police Department

The article also addresses a wide variety of cloud-based public safety concerns including:

  • What software integrations are available?
  • How does cloud-based technology protect operational resiliency?
  • How to navigate security and compliance?
  • Is cloud-based technology dispatch friendly?
  • Can fieldwork be managed using cloud-based technology?
  • How can cloud-based technology help manage recordkeeping?
  • What strategies can help spur cloud migration?
  • How is information shared via cloud-based technology?
  • Can jurisdictions share data using cloud-based technology?
  • Is the cloud compatible with mobile tools?
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