Data Changes Perceptions in Southern US

Data can anticipate the needs of a community as well as provide insights on past performance. Pinellas County, Florida, and Fulton County, Georgia, presented their work with strategic planning, performance management, and cross-departmental data-sharing in this webinar. Both counties use data to better track and make progress towards their goals for the community.

Pinellas County dives into insights into their strategic plan, and Fulton County offers lessons from their work with the election board in this webinar. Both emphasize the importance of gaining buy-in from multiple stakeholders by including them in the planning process. The data and insights team also introduces how state and local governments can leverage federated data to connect communities, especially those that expand beyond our county, city, and state lines.

The webinar was presented as part of the Southern U.S. Community of practice, a quarterly webinar series addressing regional challenges and best practices.

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