Enable and Measure Performance With Data

How do you enable stakeholders to leverage your open data portal? How do you measure the effectiveness of your program? These are just some of the questions answered by Santa Clara County and City of Henderson in the Western U.S. Community of Practice.

Buu Thai, program manager for the executive office, and Pamela Amparo, senior research and evaluation specialist of County of Santa Clara, California, share success from their open data academy. The sessions empower users within their government to better understand how to use the open data portal to reach their goals.

Laura Shearin, director of the office of performance & innovation manager for City of Henderson, Nevada, discussed the city’s approach to performance management across strategic, operational, and individual measures. The city uses performance management for both continuous improvement and accountability for their strategic plan.

In this recording, you’ll see how you can advance your data program and create more data champions within your local government to inform your jurisdiction's strategic plan. Join the community to watch our next webinar live.

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