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Collect, Analyze, and Act on Agency's Data

Two of the most significant issues facing agencies throughout the U.S. are to regain trust and improve agency transparency.

To mitigate this issue, agencies are utilizing Tyler Technologies’ Agency Intelligence suite to collect, analyze, and act on their own data for enhanced transparency. In addition, with Agency Intelligence’s Early Intervention application, agencies have a flexible tool to manage performance and best practices tied to accountability, health, and wellness for law enforcement officers.

With Early Intervention, leadership in agencies with Agency Intelligence can proactively identify key performance indicators to ensure optimal health, wellness, and operations with 360-degree views of agency and officer activity. Unlike other data solutions, Agency Intelligence investigates each critical data point to proactively identify positive performance indicators and areas of opportunity within an agency.

At its core, Early Intervention helps agencies:

  • Collect key information needed to understand teams’ health and wellness for enhanced performance
  • Provide preventative alerts via threshold-driven artificial intelligence
  • Empower leadership with tools to act purposefully

Discover how Early Intervention helps agencies collect, analyze, and act on their data.

  • Flexible and CJIS-compliant solution

  • Cloud native for ease of use and secure data storage

  • Powerful capabilities to harness all public safety data

  • Early awareness capabilities to enhance health and wellness

See Your Data

By digitizing operations Agency Intelligence provides powerful insight into agency data, allowing agencies to:

  • Improve transparency internally and with communities
  • Streamline workflows to maximize efficiency
  • Manage personnel with secure views into personal employee data

Analyze Your Data

By pulling in data from an agency’s computer aided dispatch, records management, field reporting, mobile, citation, and mobility solutions, agencies receive a holistic view into all aspects of the agency’s health. This allows agencies to:

  • Create reports to meet state and federal standards
  • Collect data from multiple sources

Act On Your Data

Intelligence-based agencies have superior awareness capabilities allowing them to turn this awareness into action. With its leading technology, Agency Intelligence takes agencies to the next level with its artificial intelligence alerting capabilities giving agencies the ability to:

  • Mitigate risk and reduce lawsuits
  • Customize alerts and receive notifications of unexpected or dramatic changes
  • Make data-driven decisions to improve transparency and accountability
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Creating safer communities and a more just society.

From dispatch to disposition, Tyler Alliance connects data and processes between public safety and criminal justice departments, agencies, and jurisdictions. By breaking through the silos, Tyler Alliance is improving safety, responsiveness, efficiency, and the administration of and access to justice.

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