Spotlight: Bosque & Hamilton Counties

Population: Bosque County: 18,000+, Hamilton County: 8,000+
Location: Central Texas
Tyler Solution: Incode® Financial Management
Results: More efficient and transparent financial management processes

For years, Kent Reeves, the county auditor for Bosque and Hamilton counties, spent day after day trying to pry data from a system that could no longer keep up with the needs of the community. The time it took to perform simple tasks was time that could be better spent on projects important to area residents. So, he and the counties’ leadership decided to make a change. They reinvested lost time and taxpayer dollars into software that could streamline processes and help the government run more efficiently.

New Process Yields Efficiencies

Just one year since transitioning to Incode® Financial Management, Bosque County and Hamilton County have used the new tools to transform the local governments’ financial management operations.

“It really gives us powerful use of the data,” Reeves said, later adding, “It’s very simple to get in there and pull the data I need. The reports are very intuitive.”

Through real-time information sharing, Reeves has been able to connect departments and employees throughout Bosque and Hamilton counties to the system like never before. While once reliant on paper timesheets, public safety officers are now empowered to take control of time reporting through Incode’s attendance tools, making the information more reliable and cutting down on the time it takes to process. Even tedious tasks like payroll management that once took days for departments to complete can be done in a single sitting, according to Reeves.

“My folks are getting their work done faster, allowing them to have more productivity for other areas in the county they need to be taking care of,” he said.

Troubleshooting can even be done from across the building or across the state. When a member of Reeves’ staff noticed unusual requisition requests, he was able to log in to the software remotely and address the issue. This flexibility, Reeves said, has allowed the county to focus on what is truly important.

New Access Creates Sense of Transparency

Beyond the increase in efficiency, Reeves said they are using Incode to put information in the hands of the people. He uploads relevant reports to the counties’ websites to help the public understand what their government is doing and how it affects them. Even elected officials have the financial data delivered straight to their inboxes, making it easy to share that information with their constituents and make better-informed decisions.

Bosque County purchased Incode from Tyler and it has exceeded our expectations. The program is incredible and the support has been great. In fact, I liked Incode so well I purchased it again for Hamilton County less than a year later.

Kent Reeves


With this new-found access, Reeves said people are becoming more and more interested in understanding the financial aspects of the governments

“The more I work with Incode, the more I see we can do with the software. Things we had not even imagined using it for are commonplace today,” he said. “I find that to be true with our end users as well. The more access to financial information we provide, the more they want. Our commissioners and department heads will now be able to pull up their own accounts and budget data. We have the flexibility to allow users to have view-only access to certain areas of the system, so they can pull their own information any time they need it. They can enter purchase requisitions, get notices about key financial data in their departments that needs attention, even input their own budget data!”

By empowering people with timely and accurate information, Bosque and Hamilton counties have truly become connected communities.

Case Study Highlights

  • Once reliant on paper processes, public safety officers are now empowered to take control of reporting with reliable information cutting down on processing time.
  • Having the best tools at their fingertips allows employees to get work done faster, allowing them to be more productivity in other areas of the county.
  • Real-time information sharing and new transparency for both employees and citizens has helped the counties to become truly connected communities.

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