Case Study: Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois

  • POPULATION 131,869
  • SOLUTIONS Agency Intelligence, Enterprise Public Safety Suite, Enforcement Mobile, Enterprise Corrections
  • PROFILE Located approximately 50 miles southwest of Chicago, the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office is in Yorkville, situated between Aurora and Joliet. The sheriff’s office is comprised of 55 officers, administrative employees, and up to 50 employees at its jail. The rapidly growing county is known for its extensive farmland and picturesque hill country scenery.


The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office was using Excel spreadsheets for several internal administrative processes, which were slow, difficult to keep organized, and unconventional. The agency did everything manually, resulting in many inefficiencies regarding consistency in recording and analyzing data, supporting officers’ well-being, transparency with the community on crime statistics, and much more.

Kendall County’s previous system did not provide software updates, causing the agency to fall behind significant technological trends, impeding the level of service it could provide to the community.

Along with these local challenges, the agency faced a nationwide issue: Law enforcement agencies are expected and required to foster trust, transparency, and accountability within the communities they serve. In addition, there was a need to boost morale internally as the agency was experiencing a high turnover rate.


The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office implemented Tyler Technologies’ Agency Intelligence solution to combat its ongoing issues. Agency Intelligence integrated seamlessly with the agency’s existing Enterprise Public Safety suite, Enforcement Mobile, and Enterprise Corrections.

Anyone can visit our county website and find the transparency page to see this important data at any time.

Jason Langston

Operation Division Commander, Kendall County Sheriff’s Office


With Agency Intelligence, Kendall County is improving transparency, accountability, and officer wellness by staying informed on experiences officers have on the job and ensuring proper resources are provided for support.

With law enforcement increasingly in the spotlight, command staff is utilizing this tool to track use-of-force incidents and other indicators to provide early intervention for officers who may show unusual or risky behavior patterns.

The tool allows the agency to perform a streamlined personnel review process, allowing command staff to monitor officer wellness and provide support and resources to those who need them. The internal data analytic capabilities provide the opportunity for early intervention, meaning that command staff can make actionable decisions to ensure officers have the support they need and provide the best possible service to the public.

In addition, Kendall County has been using Agency Intelligence to share public facing dashboards to detail crime statistics and other information, such as use-of-force incidents, to increase trust and transparency with its community. While Kendall County is just beginning its initiative to change how things are done, the agency is optimistic that these technological advances will continue to influence how law enforcement functions and serves the public.

Having these early warnings provided to command staff where actionable recommendations can be made is truly invaluable.

Jason Langston

Operation Division Commander, Kendall County Sheriff’s Office

Case Study Highlights

  • Improved accountability by focusing on early intervention and officer wellness
  • Increased trust and transparency with the community
  • Improved efficiency with digital processes

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