Client Profile: Fox C-6 School District

Organization Profile

  • Industry: School District
  • Location: Arnold, Missouri
  • Tyler Client Since: 2013
  • Employees: 2,200
  • Students: 11,400
  • Tyler Products Used: Tyler SIS™, Tyler Pulse™, Versatrans®, and SISFin™
  • Contact: Luke Heitert, Director of Technology and Information


Like so many districts across the country, the Fox C-6 School District in Missouri sought to take full advantage of their school data solutions — not only to track student and financial data, but also to remove inefficiencies and better serve parents and students. “Today’s educational environment demands school districts be digitally efficient and requires that information from all areas of the school system be studied to improve the way students are cared for and educated,” said Luke Heitert, the district’s director of technology and information. “With more stringent expectations with every passing year, technical staff were struggling to find both automated and efficient ways to integrate data sources to allow students to spend more time learning and teachers more time individualizing their students’ education.”


After implementing Tyler SIS, Tyler Pulse, Versatrans, and SISFin, all software solutions from Tyler Technologies, district staff immediately identified valuable integration points and began addressing their roadblocks, including data silos, redundancies, and inaccuracies. “Data interoperability has proven to be a large barrier between many systems in education. An adoption of Tyler solutions has allowed Fox C-6 to fully integrate services across all district departments,” Heitert said.

Fox C-6 has successfully migrated outdated, inefficient, and individualized programs to now employ a comprehensive and integrated solution through the use of multiple Tyler Technology products.

Luke Heitert

Director of Technology and Information, Fox C-6 School District


Parents and students in the district felt the positive impact of this streamlining. “Led by the Tyler SIS student information system, students can now be immediately scheduled onto buses upon registration. In other added benefits, parents now use Tyler SIS Online Registration to apply for after-school care or report any medical concerns. In the past, these processes would sometimes take weeks to manually review and were often subject to clerical errors,” Heitert noted.

Benefits have extended into the classroom, as well. “Teachers now have readily available detailed assessment analysis, student medical information, and endless amounts of demographic data for quickly individualizing student education.”

Peer districts have also taken notice of Fox C-6’s successes integrating multiple Tyler solutions, making the district a model for data interoperability and data and process efficiencies. “These successes are best demonstrated by Fox C-6’s workflow created to accommodate decentralized registration,” said Heitert. “On multiple occasions, peer districts have taken advantage of the specialized integration between SIS and the Versatrans student transportation solution. This creates improved automation and gives both transportation and educational staff more information, ensuring even our youngest students arrive at the correct location safely.”

Heitert concluded by saying, “Each solution provides its own unique benefit, but together they allow for a multi-dimensional coordination of data. Versatrans integration allows transportation data to include additional demographic information, thus providing more efficient tracking of drop-off and pick-up times and locations. Tyler Pulse integration with Tyler SIS offers the ability to aggregate large amounts of student data from multiple buildings for many different facets of state and federal reporting. Ultimately, having multiple Tyler solutions provides the ability to gather and analyze data to inform departments of real-time information.”

Case Study Highlights

  • Student, financial, and transportation data is more reliable and easier to access.
  • Parents, students, and staff alike benefit from integrated data, saving time and creating operational efficiencies.
  • District is a model for the value of data integration.

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