How the Idaho Judicial Branch Unified 45 Siloed Systems

The Idaho Supreme Court determined the state needed to replace its aging case management system to modernize the courts to meet the needs and expectations of today’s businesses and citizens. Working with Tyler Technologies, Idaho courts developed a core infrastructure from the ground up, leveraging state-of-the-art server virtualization solutions, storage technologies, and advanced network and security platforms. This allowed Tyler to help them build a sophisticated statewide network to connect all 44 counties, stretching across mountain ranges, protected wilderness, and desert plains.

Once the infrastructure and network were built, the state deployed Odyssey for all case types, including e-filing, on day one. The fully digital records allowed judges, clerks, and judicial partners to immediately access court proceedings, optimizing their time, and allowing them to work from anywhere across the state.

Idaho implemented multiple automated workstreams to maximize efficiencies of court processes and shifted personnel from administrative roles to providing enhanced public services. The state also implemented the first-ever statewide misdemeanor probation and problem-solving court system and built a statewide prosecutor and public defender case management system.


  • Dramatically transformed courts with features such as 24/7 e-filing and SRL self-service
  • Implemented a modern public access system for digital court records, calendars, and electronic payments
  • Centralized system helped judges avoid redundant work, streamline calendars, and expedite caseloads
  • Improved information access across criminal justice entities, leading to better response times and safer citizens

Case Study Highlights

  • Officials can make changes quickly in response to new legislation
  • Self-represented litigants enjoy easier navigation of court processes
  • Judges, clerks, attorneys, and other partners can access relevant court information from anywhere, at any time


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