Mastering Data to Improve Policing

  • Population: 72,000
  • Client Since: 2010
  • Profile: The Castle Rock Police Department serves a town spanning more than 35 square miles, providing emergency services to more than 72,000 people.

Castle Rock is a suburban town located between Denver and Colorado Springs in Colorado. It’s a town that’s rapidly grown in population over the last decade and now has more than 72,000 residents.

With 105 employees, the Castle Rock Police Department has grown over the years as well and embraced technology to meet the needs of the community.


Like many public safety agencies, the Castle Rock Police Department completed all citations by hand using pen and paper. These paper-based citations were then stored in files that had to be manually searched through daily by the agency’s records staff.

The department had no simple way to collect, store, and study its data, making it nearly impossible to identify trends and crime statistics. Therefore, there was little to no opportunity to make critical changes in the community to protect residents on roadways.


In 2014, the Castle Rock Police Department implemented Tyler Technologies’ Brazos eCitation solution. Brazos is an advanced and flexible mobile citation solution that can be used on mobile devices with either iOS, Android, or Microsoft operating systems. It captures, processes, and transmits data easily into public safety and court systems.

It’s changed the whole culture at our agency to use technology as a foundation for the way we deploy our officers.

Todd Brown

Castle Rock Police Department Commander

“I can tell you the use of Brazos opened our eyes to data, and I think that data is really helping us deploy our officers where they need to be,” said Castle Rock Police Department Commander Todd Brown. “Brazos does everything that I can do manually, but it does in a click of a button.”


By implementing Brazos eCitation solution, the Castle Rock Police Department has experienced the following benefits:

  • Officers spend less time on the roadside.
    • The agency reduced traffic stops by three minutes, 15 seconds utilizing automated citation processes.
    • With more than 10,000 traffic stops completed in an 18-month time frame, this resulted in the agency reducing time on the roadside by more than 540 hours.

  • Data is collected quickly, easily, and securely.
    • Brazos allows for officers to quickly obtain the information they need at the driver’s window and return to their police vehicle to complete the citation or warning.
    • Officer safety is improved when the officer can spend the bulk of the time during the traffic stop inside his or her patrol car, instead of exposed on the side of the road.

  • Errors are reduced and data transfers seamlessly to other departments and public safety and courts applications.
    • Legibility issues are eliminated via digital processes, removing confusion and errors pertaining to handwriting.
    • Once a citation is issued, it is digitally sent to support staff at the police department and courts for further processing.
    • This ensures data is sent securely to necessary recipients and streamlines processes for improved efficiency.

  • Traffic crash reduction.
    • For the first time in the city’s history, Castle Rock experienced a decrease in traffic crashes.
    • In 2019, overall public roadway crashes were down 8%, even as the town population grew by 4.1%.

  • Education improved, surrounding traffic safety.
    • Data is collected, stored, and analyzed to identify trends.
    • Intelligence-driven conclusions are drawn from data and used to educate the public on traffic safety as a preventative measure.

  • Citation process streamlined, which allows for written warnings.
    • Using written warnings instead of parking violations in downtown Castle Rock solved parking issues without deterring downtown business.
    • This helped bolster business within the city and improved relations between the police department, visitors, and community members.

These are hours we get back to spend in the community. That means better safety for the officers. That means they’re not standing next to a car delivering a ticket for three extra minutes every stop.

Todd Brown

Castle Rock Police Department Commander

Case Study Highlights

  • Reduced traffic crashes by 8% percent using Brazos
  • Streamlined citation process shaves off more than three minutes during traffic stops
  • Solved downtown parking enforcement issues with written warnings in rapidly growing city

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