Oregon Simplifies Processes for Self-Represented Litigants

The state of Oregon, a Tyler Odyssey product user, saw escalating numbers of cases with self-represented parties and multiple groups, and they needed solutions to help get those parties through the process more easily and accurately.

They called on Tyler to improve upon an in-house iForms solution and develop forms they could use through Odyssey Guide & File. The Guide & File forms gave the state more control over the way the information was presented to users and more capacity to make changes quickly in response to new legislation, user feedback, and other influences.

Since implementation, Oregon has achieved a high utilization rate among its SRL filing population, including SRLs filing complex or high-demand family cases. The high rate of use put Oregon first in percentage of SRL form completions per population. This high adoption rate was reached thanks to the foundations of open discussions and communications with courts across the state —so all were on the same page and ready for the roll-out—and educating SRLs about availability using high-visibility web information and courthouse materials.


  • Increased control and flexibility in the way information is presented to users
  • Improved capacity to make changes quickly in response to new legislation, user feedback, and other influences
  • Provided more cohesive user interface between SRL forms and other court technology products
  • Significantly increased use of e-filing, a major metric of their success
  • Experienced unexpected result of large number of “professional filers,” such as attorneys, property managers, and debt collectors

Case Study Highlights

  • Guide & File™ forms gave state more control over how information was presented and facilitated quick changes in response to new legislation and user feedback
  • Residents have a better understanding of case processes, and filings are legible and complete
  • Increased use by professional filers such as attorney, property managers, and debt collectors


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