Ouachita, LA - Case Study

  • POPULATION: 153,720
  • CLIENT SINCE: 2012
  • PROJECT: New World Public Safety Solutions
  • PROFILE: Ouachita Parish covers 631 square miles and provides emergency services to several jurisdictions. To do this, the parish uses the full New World public safety suite from Tyler Technologies.


Prior to using New World, communication between public safety personnel in Ouachita Parish was limited to radio transmissions. Without a GIS-based CAD system, dispatchers and first responders relied solely on radio transmissions to determine where first responders were located. This caused difficulties in routing to calls for service and tied up radio channels during major incidences.

Public safety officials and end users wanted a system that could offer a common software platform for the communication center and all law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies; robust GIS capabilities within CAD for better routing and navigation; and mobile capabilities for better communication in the field.


In 2012, officials with Ouachita Parish 911 and its affiliated agencies purchased New World public safety software from Tyler Technologies.


Through implementing New World solutions, Ouachita Parish now experiences the following benefits:

  • More information is available to first responders in the field
    • Mobile units in police and fire vehicles provide first responders with up-to-date CAD narratives, allowing for direct access to all information dispatchers have regarding a call for service
    • Instant access to NCIC history through mobile data terminals allows for first responders to pull vital information while on the scene, which increases the safety of first responders
    • Patrol officers can query names and locations for access to prior history information relating to specific scenarios
  • All users are connected through the system
    • Chat functionality in New World Mobile allows for multi-agency communication among users, decreasing radio transmissions
  • Map-based CAD and mobile provides all first responders with instant information regarding location of a call for service regardless of jurisdiction
    • Any road blocks or closures are shown instantly, allowing for first responders to reroute to the scene
    • Map capabilities in mobile help first responders get to the scene without calling dispatch

With this system, communication between agencies is flawless. New World helps increase self sufficiency and provides us with the information we need for faster, safer response.

Corporal Chris Florey

Monroe Police Department


With robust communication, information sharing, and mapping capabilities in New World, dispatchers and first responders have the tools they need to provide the residents of Ouachita Parish with quality public safety services.

Case Study Highlights

  • New World CAD provides one common platform for all agencies
  • First responders have instant access to NCIC history through mobile data terminals
  • Map-based CAD and mobile provides all first responders with instant call for service details

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