Paperless Process Powers Municipal Court

The City of Victoria Municipal Court in Texas has worked with Tyler over the past few years to implement a comprehensive system and electronic processes to manage court cases, maintain court records, ensure the integrity of case filings, and enable efficient case flow.

Along with managing court cases electronically through Incode, the court has leveraged additional municipal court tools from Tyler — including electronic imaging, online and phone payments, text messaging and phone notifications, jury summons management, and online records search access for citizens — to optimize its service to the public.

With these features in place, the court navigated the impact the pandemic had its caseload and citizen interaction. Electronic case management allowed the municipal court judge to process documentation electronically utilizing the secure fingerprint solution. Court staff were able to send electronic documentation to citizens and upload documentation received from other departments directly into the case management software.

When the court was closed, citizens could still view cases, make payments, and set up court processes through an online portal. The court also offered online records search capabilities for citizens, bonding companies, and attorneys to view dockets and closed case information. With alternative ways to access justice, the court continued serving the public while keeping the safety of the staff and citizens at the forefront of its operations.

Case Study Highlights

  • Leveraged Incode court to manage cases and process court documentation electronically
  • Established online portal so citizens could pay any monies owed when the court closed
  • Provided online records search capabilities for citizens, bonding companies, and attorneys to view docket and closed case information

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