Public Safety Insights Case Study

  • SOLUTION USED New World public safety solutions and Public Safety Insights

In communities throughout the United States, public safety agencies are facing constant challenges of doing more with less. With more avenues of communication and the public’s need to know more details about what their local governments are doing, public safety agencies need to access and share their data more readily than ever.

For the Pinellas Park Police Department (PPPD), located in the most populous county in Florida, public safety officials were dealing with an overwhelming amount of opioid overdoses in the city, a voracious need from the public to know more about what police were doing, and a better way to access their data.

To address each of these issues, the PPPD implemented Tyler Technologies’ Public Safety Insights, which included Citizen Connect, Law Enforcement Explorer, and Law Enforcement Analytics.

Using Law Enforcement Analytics, we were able to identify a hotspot in the area where we were experiencing so many overdoses and work with our narcotics unit, which led to the execution of multiple simultaneous search warrants in the motels. The police department will continue to engage in advanced technology in furtherance of the public safety mission.

Capt. Adam Geissenberger

Pinellas Park Police Department

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Public Safety Insights, PPPD struggled with the following data and reporting issues:

  • Responding to the public in a timely manner to requests for information via phone and email
  • Utilizing real-time data to reduce crime and reallocate resources
  • Accurate visual representations of crimes and crime types on a map down to the specific street

“Everything we did took so many man hours to accomplish,” said Capt. Adam Geissenberger. “The program we used required human interaction, which took a lot of time in terms of collating the data. Determining where a hotspot could occur required a tremendous amount of time and resources.”

To mitigate these challenges, PPPD decided to turn raw data into actionable insights with a Socrata-based cloud application from Tyler. This tool pulls data from the agency’s New World computer aided dispatch (CAD) and New World law enforcement records solutions, both of which are offered by Tyler.

The Solution

In 2019, PPPD implemented Tyler’s Public Safety Insights product suite, which included Law Enforcement Explorer, Law Enforcement Analytics, and Citizen Connect. This product suite provides agencies with real-time data mapping and charts for internal use, actionable insights for resource allocation and tactic deployments, and mapped data sets for citizens.

“Public Safety Insights has taken data that we’ve had all along and put it into a user-friendly platform that makes it easier for the end-user to access and use the data,” Geissenberger said. “Public Safety Insights allows us to do things at such a robust pace that we are able to free our officers up to do more proactive policing. They’re able to be more responsive to different types of hot spots and different issues in the community because the tools we’re using truly do the work of dozens of people at the snap of the fingers.”

The Results

By implementing Public Safety Insights, PPPD experienced immediate benefits including:

  • 57% reduction of opioid overdoses in the city over a six-month time period
    • Using Law Enforcement Analytics, PPPD created a hotspot over an area of low-cost hotels and motels along a busy highway in the city where the most opioid overdoses occurred.
      • This tool showed the PPPD when the most calls for service regarding overdoses were coming in down to the second of when the calls happened.
    • Resources were deployed to this area at specific dates and times and reduced the overdoses.
    • Multiple search warrants were issued, which led to the arrests of dozens of individuals wanted for drug-related crimes, including dealers who were responsible for a significant amount of distribution and overdoses.
  • Real-time access to crime data for public consumption
    • With Citizen Connect, a public-facing website portal, crime data is updated every 10 minutes, which allows community members to access virtually any type of crime data they’re interested in with the exception of sensitive information such as victims’ names.
      • Citizens can opt-in to receive information about a specific location and receive alerts when that location experiences specific crime types.
  • Instant access to map-centric data highlighting a complete picture of where all crime, accidents, tickets, and calls for service occur
    • PPPD analyze areas of need and reallocate resources to reduce crime, accidents, and other incidents.
  • Reduction of overall crimes through enacting tactics based on data
    • With Law Enforcement Analytics, PPPD define and improve tactics to address crime patterns as they occur.
      • Proactive policing capabilities help reduce crime, traffic issues and accidents, and improve efficiency.

Case Study Highlights

  • 57% reduction of opioid overdoses in the city
  • Real-time access to crime data for public consumption
  • Data is updated every 10 minutes

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