Shelby, TN, Criminal Court Clerk's Office Automates Court Case Processing

The Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk’s office in Tennessee needed to automate processes to save time on data entry, eliminate duplicate data entry, and avoid data integrity issues. The court clerk’s office leveraged the power of Odyssey Clerk Edition to help them automate and streamline these processes.

An activity designed in Clerk Edition was created for each different business process to automate court minutes along with the necessary charge, event, hearing, bond, warrant, and disposition information changes for any action in court so the clerk won’t have to remember all the pieces of the process. These activities automatically pulled the data from the dialog boxes to create the court minutes, so data integrity was maintained.

With automated activities in Clerk Edition, all data entry, court processes, and state reporting became far less time consuming. In one instance, after a three-hour session, which consisted of 28 cases, the court was able to update case information and process the court minutes in 19 minutes, instead of the typical hour it would take.


  • Increased data entry speed, accuracy, consistency, and increased overall efficiency
  • Reduced redundancy and improved data integrity
  • Achieved simpler troubleshooting process
  • Improved state reporting so they are submitted accurately and in a timely manner

Case Study Highlights

  • Automation saves significant time and increases accuracy of court minutes
  • Judges experience consistent, complete documentation
  • Series' of court actions are automatically triggered in one click, streamlining clerks' work


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