Spotlight: Belleville Township HSD #201

  • Industry: School District
  • Location: Belleville, Illinois
  • Number of Employees: 480
  • Tyler Client Since: 2009
  • Tyler Products Used: Tyler SIS
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As was true for so many districts across the country, no hurdle Belleville Township High School District #201 previously faced was quite as high as safely maintaining district operations at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Taking the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health recommendations for school reopenings to heart, district officials sought a solution to ensure students, parents, teachers, and staff were kept as safe as possible.

Belleville quickly required mask wearing, split student attendance days to allow for greater social distancing, and required daily wellness checks for staff and students. These daily checks were vital to ensure the district was keeping all stakeholders safe, but the district needed a timely, automated way to track responses related to student and staff wellness.

We needed a way to track wellness form submissions and know when they had not been submitted. On top of that, we needed an official process for our students learning remotely to mark themselves present each day. The Tyler SIS Survey module was able to accomplish both of those tasks.

Curtis McKay

Director of Technology, Belleville Township High School District #201

Belleville was also facing challenges with taking accurate attendance while some students attended classes in-person, some attended remotely, and most attended a mix of in-person and remote classes. Attendance is closely tied to state funding, so guaranteeing accurate attendance is critical to the district's ability to deliver quality education. Belleville needed an official process for remote students, whether full-time or partial, to mark themselves present each day from remote learning.


While evaluating their options for accomplishing these tasks, Belleville learned Tyler had developed a new feature in response to the pandemic to help districts disseminate, collect, review, and, when necessary, flag daily wellness surveys. Tyler SIS Surveys empowered Belleville staff to begin sending out the pre-built wellness survey to students and staff almost immediately, keeping the school nurse's office looped in with permission to view critical responses.

Similarly, the district discovered they could use the advanced attendance capabilities in Tyler SIS to organize their staggered in-person, partially remote, and fully remote attendance to capture accurate attendance rolls.


Using Tyler SIS Surveys, the district was able to create a check-in form for students learning remotely, whether partially or fully.

“An attendance check-in form was created for all students. The attendance office can view the nonsubmitted forms from the day prior and use the survey module’s mass email feature to message those students and parents who failed to check-in for attendance. By filtering the unsubmitted list by ID number, we are even able to target groups of students so the letter is coming from their assistant principal,” McKay said. Accurate student attendance not only ensures the district will receive the state funding it needs to serve its community, but it also helps district staff quickly and confidently alert anyone who may have been exposed to an ill student, teacher, or staff member.

Collecting accurate attendance and wellness survey results with Tyler SIS and Tyler SIS Surveys has helped Belleville Township High School District #201 reduce manual response tracking, safeguard its state funding, and keep the entire district safe.

Case Study Highlights

  • The district employed Tyler SIS Surveys to turn daily staff and student wellness responses into data-driven decisions during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Tyler SIS helped the district capture accurate attendance counts and protect the state funding on which the district relies.
  • Students, parents, and district staff feel confident their district has taken a data-driven approach to community health.

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