Spotlight: Mission CISD

  • Industry: School District
  • Location: Mission, Texas
  • Number of Employees: 2,250
  • Number of Students: 15,000+
  • Tyler Client Since: 2010
  • Tyler Products Used: Tyler SIS, Munis®, Versatrans®
  • Website:


After rapidly transitioning to remote instruction at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, Mission Consolidated Independent School District was faced with an all-too-common challenge: a struggle with parent communication. The district needed a way to communicate its operational plan to parents and receive their feedback in a timely manner. Communicating this information — when each school would be open for in-person learning, on which days, and to which students — was vital to student success. The district tried communicating via email, snail mail, phone, and text, but staffers quickly realized they were not reaching all stakeholders. They needed a better solution.


Mission CISD began exploring possible options to more effectively connect with parents. District leaders found many of the available products were not as effective with much of the country physically locked down and parents and students isolated at home. Still, they knew they needed a web-based, two-way communication solution. After discussing their specific needs with Tyler staff, the district became excited to implement Tyler SIS Surveys and Tyler’s eForms solution.


Within days, eForms opened up bidirectional communication between district staff and parents at a crucial juncture. Mission CISD was able to query parents for their preferences among a variety of operational plans, including asking their preferred instructional delivery, their thoughts on return-to-school dates, the household’s access to high-speed internet, access to personal internet-connected devices, and any additional feedback from parents about how the proposed operational plan may impact their children’s education.

eForms and Tyler SIS Surveys are great solutions that allowed us to inform our stakeholders of the district’s operational plan and request feedback to help guide our decisions for future plans.

Jorge Cavazos

Director of Information Services

In addition to eForms, the district used Tyler SIS Surveys to collect added data about survey submissions and completion rates. This tool gave the district the ability to add critical questions — questions for which specific responses are flagged for follow-up. This meant the district spent less time manually combing through responses for flagged answers; critical responses were now easily served up to administrator’s dashboard for quick action. Mission CISD was also able to collect survey responses to help plan for athletic participation.

Overall, the district reports that these eForms and Tyler SIS Surveys were essential to establishing better two-way communication with parents and including parent feedback into the decision-making process during a critical time.

Case Study Highlights

  • Mission CISD sought better communication with parents during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • District implemented eForms and Tyler SIS Surveys.
  • Parents are now able to easily provide feedback and help shape the district's strategies addressing in-person learning, instructional delivery, access to high-speed internet, athletics, and more.

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