Accomplish More Using Agency Intelligence

June 16, 2022 by Kate Nadolski

Accomplish More Using Agency Intelligence

Accomplish More Using Agency Intelligence

Like many public safety agencies, the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois faced numerous internal and external struggles related to data management, tracking, and fulfilling external transparency needs.

Internally, the agency needed a solution to monitor and mitigate at-risk behaviors among staff and reduce turnover. Externally, the agency wanted to improve trust and transparency within the community.

To deal with each of these situations, the agency looked for a solution to track behavior, identify potential problems sooner, and provide the community with the ability to see what the deputies were encountering. To provide the highest level of service to their community, the sheriff’s office implemented Tyler Technologies’ Agency Intelligence solution.

By implementing quarterly personnel reviews using data from Agency Intelligence, the sheriff’s office provided vital insights to the public, including the number of investigations where use of force was a factor, mental health statistics, and demographic and geographic information related to the agency’s calls for service details.

This information was readily displayed on public-facing dashboards, which helped improve transparency and allowed the community to see what was going on in their neighborhoods.

“With Agency Intelligence, we found a system to improve our efficiency, track activities, utilize our data collection capabilities, and improve our ability to engage with our community while providing the highest level of service possible,” said Commander Jason Langston. “The ability to digest and use data for planning and assessments is great because we can present important and complex information to community stakeholders in an efficient and easy to read manner.”

The renewed focus on officer health and wellness helped reduce turnover and improve morale within the agency.

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