Agency Streamlines Mandated Data Collection

June 21, 2022 by Kate Nadolski

Agency Streamlines Mandated Data Collection

Adhering to state and federal mandates is nothing new in the world of law enforcement, but it can be challenging. So, when public safety agencies in the state of California needed to meet a state mandate that required specific data collection during traffic stops, the Roseville Police Department was ready to act.

To meet the needs of California’s demographic data collection mandate known as AB953, the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA), Roseville PD utilized the functionality within its Enforcement Mobile solution, powered by Brazos®.

In fact, Roseville PD not only met the requirements of this mandate early on but were also able to reduce staff workload and improve efficiency.

RIPA requires all California agencies to collect perceived demographic and other data regarding stops. The implementation timeline was set by the number of sworn officers employed by the agency, and the department’s deadline to comply with the mandate was Jan. 1, 2022. While many states and agencies have similar data collection programs, the California-specific version was complex and stringent.

To comply with this mandate, the agency fully deployed Enforcement Mobile’s Stop Data module to all sworn officer’s smartphone devices in December 2021, several weeks before the Jan. 1 deadline. The smartphone deployment was highly successful and straightforward.

The Roseville Police Department credits Enforcement Mobile’s Stop Data capabilities for easily achieving full compliance with RIPA mandates.

“Our agency is happy we found a cost-effective software solution that collects mandated data, generates detailed reports compliant with DOJ submission guidelines, and offers complete access to our dataset for in-agency analysis and transparency purposes,” Police Administrator Katie Braverman said.

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